Why Bowling Is The Best Sport Ever!

We all love bowling. From a young age, bowling has always been a fantastic go to activity for anyone and everyone. If you do not have a soft spot somewhere in your heart for bowling, you are probably one in a million! But why is bowling so special to us? Let’s find out together…


It’s All Inclusive

No matter your age, height or gender.. you have a fair go at being the best! Bowling is a very non judgemental sport and does not belong to just one type of person. This is why bowling is such a great activity for the family, as everyone can play from grandad to young children (with a little assistance of course).


A Great Date Idea

Have you found someone you really like? Want to take them out? But you’re unsure of where to go? Take them bowling! Bowling is a great way to get to know someone. Have fun together while bowling and also use it as a way of sparking great communication between you both. You can make a joke over who was best or worst at the game even after the game has finished.


The Shoes Are Great!

What is the number one most memorable thing about bowling? It could even be the wonderful (and slightly hilarious) shoes. Why not get a few funny pictures of you in the classic bowling shoes to put onto Instagram and tag us in the picture?


It Gets The Kids Away From The Screen

Are your children just as addicted to their screens as everyone else? Then bowling could be the perfect solution for this. Spending memorable quality time with your family without the presence of screens may be a little more uncommon than years gone by, but it does not mean that there are not solutions to try to resolve this issue!


Make A Cool Celebratory Dance

Bowling gives you the perfect opportunity to make up your own special and unique celebratory dance – especially if you are good at it! Blow everyone else out of the water when you show off your amazing moves to celebrate getting that STRIKE you have been wishing for!


Perfect For Passing Time

If you are waiting for a delayed flight at Heathrow airport, why not pop along to Airport Bowl in Heathrow Airport? Pass the time while enjoying yourself, then set off on your exciting travels feeling super positive!

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